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Social Services Facilities/Utilities/Amenities



Elementary Level

There are 17 public elementary schools in town of which, 2 have integrated up to 10th grade and 2 privately-owned.

The schools are strategically located in population districts.

Secondary Level

There are Six (6) Secondary schools in the LGU. Four of which is run by the government while the other two are privately-owned.


Health and Sanitation

Health Resources

A birthing facility is likewise available next to Rural Health Unit

There is an on-going construction of health facility (Rural health Unit 2) in Buer

Burial Grounds

There are two sites of burial ground in town-One is at the tribal community in Mapita, brgy Laoag and the other one is that in brgy Pogomboa.

That of barangay Pogomboa has a total land area of 3.51 hectares of which 1.1807 belongs to the Roman Catholic Church while the remaining belongs to the municipal government. This means that fees collected therefrom accrue to the respective owner.


Social Welfare Services

Day Care / Child Development Center

There are 14 day care centers with their own buildings operating in the municipality with Bocboc East, Laoag and Bayaoas.

Brgys Pogomboa, and Bocboc West have no day care center buildings at all. However, said services are still available and being catered on both brgys utilizing their brgy halls for the purpose.

Brgys Bocboc West, San Jose, Pogomboa, Niñoy, and Bocacliw Child Development Center are being attached to their brgy. halls.

Protective Services

A three-storey modern PNP building is recently constructed next to the rear part of the Municipal hall.

A Military Detachment unit is situated in Sitio Mapita


Sports and Recreation

There is one covered court available in Poblacion for sports and recreation purposes.

Another covered court for the same purpose is available at the Bliss site in brgy Laoag.

Basketball courts with corresponding boards and rings are available in various points of the town

Multi-purpose pavements in various barangays are at times utilized for other sports such as volleyball and the like.


The Government Center (Municipal Hall and the Brgy Halls)

The municipal hall is sited at a very strategic place. It is next to the public market and few meters away from the Roman Catholic Church.

All barangays have their respective government center known as the barangay hall.