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Citizen’s Charter

I. Mandate:

The Local Government Unit of Aguilar as mandated by the Republic Act no. 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991 shall have the power in promoting the general welfare and providing basic services and facilities within its jurisdiction. To become a responsive and accountable and more effective partner in the attainment of national goals.

II. Vision:

By 2033, Aguilar is a tourist-friendly economic zone with self-sustaining resources, and an empowered, healthy and god-fearing people living in a harmoniously-safe environment under a competent and principled leadership.

III. Mission:

Through responsive and holistic development approaches with a core of competent public servants, we shall endeavor to deliver quality services and ensure every Aguilareños general welfare.

IV. Service Pledge:

We, the officials and employees of the local government unit of Aguilar pledge and commit to deliver quality public services as promised in this Citizen’s Charter. Specifically, we will:
Serve with integrity.
Be prompt and timely.
Promote transparency.
Be consistent in applying rules.
Be available during office hours.
Demonstrate sensitivity, appropriate behavior and professionalism. Respond to complaints.
Treat everyone equally.