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A.1. Population Size and Growth Rate

Average annual growth rate of 2.39% is observed, reckoning from 1903 to 2017, soaring from 4763 to 43,474 respectively.


A.2. Population Density

Brgy. Poblacion has the greatest density of 14 persons/has while brgy Laoag has 1:1 person-hectarage ratio.


A.3. Labor Force and Employment Status

Labor force population (15 – 64 yrs old) is 27,962.
20,353 (73% of which) are employed.
27% of this labor force or 7609 are not employed.


A.4.Dependency Status


Household Population by Gender and Dependency status


A.5. Household Population by Urban-Rural Barangay, Average Household Size and Tempo of Urbanization

Of the sixteen barangays in the municipality, four (4) are identified as urban namely Poblacion, Baybay, Laoag and Pogomboa taking the chunk of the town’s population by 26.26% (11,417).

The chunks of 32,057 were shared by the remaining 12 barangays classified as rural.

Average household size is 5.

Urbanization trend is seen at 26.26% based on information at hand for the past 25 years. This is expected as government center and upward growth of commerce and economic activity is whirling within the urban area.