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These are the basic physical structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise or services and facilities necessary for the economy to function

These are the technical support to our society- such as roads, bridges, water supply, sewers, electric grids, telecommunications, etc.


The Road Network

The existing road network in the municipality are classified as follows:
15.482 km of Provincial Road;
9.100 km of National Road;
5.660 km of Mun Road
124.215 km of barangay roads.


Irrigation facilities

Irrigation facilities to support agriculture in the locality consist of:

16,211.25 linear meters of concrete line canals
13,299.52 linear meters of unconcreted line canals
9 units of dams and 1 SWIP


Power and other Amenities

Power is supplied by the Central Pangasinan Electric Cooperative and is now servicing all barangays except some sitios in town which are now included in the priority programs of said entity thru the National Electrification Administration and other national assistance fund such as PDAF such as Botanical in Mapita.


Communication Facilities

Communication facilities such as cellsites from various providers were located within the LGU however signal problems is still common municipal wide.

Two-way radios are likewise used by barangay officials of the town.


Solid Waste and Wastewater Facilities

Material Recovery Facility is located within the 2.5 hectares lot owned by the LGU.
Vermi-composting is utilized at the site.

There is an existing Memorandum of Agreement with LGU Urdaneta City for the residual wastes dumping.



1.11 % of the town’s total area or 218.04 hectares is covered with water. This is either rivers and or creeks. Largest chunk of which is that of the Agno river.